Medium/Heavy wall medium voltage

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Medium/heavy wall low voltage
EHSR heavy wall with adhesive high shrink ratio


Heavy wall shrink tubing with very high shrink ratio, suitable for protecting cables, pipes and other components. Ideal for applications where there are extreme differences in diameter between 2 components.

  • crosslinked polyolefin, heavy wall
  • weatherproof
  • UV-resistant
  • temperature range -55°C to +110°C
  • shrink temperature 120°C
  • Shrink ratio 6:1
  • moisture-proof insulation
  • high mechanical protection
  • colour - black
  • with adhesive
  • shelf life 5 years from date of manufacture (storage at -10°C to 40°C and relative humidity <75%)

Approval & Certificates

  • ROHS (contains no heavy metals or harmful substances (PBB, PBBO, PBBE)
  • in compliance with REACH regulation (EC No. 1907/2006)

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Product Video: handling/processing

Technical data:

Properties Test method Result
Tensile strength ASTM D 2671 ≥12 MPa
Ultimate elongation ASTM D 2671 ≥350%
Tensile strength after aging
Ultimate elongation after aging
ASTM D 2671 150°C, 168 hours
ASTM D 2671 150°C, 168 hours
≥12 MPa
Density (specific weight) ASTM D 792 1.0-1.1g/cm³
Dielectric strength ASTM D 60243 ≥12kV/mm (2mm)
Volume resistivity ASTM D 2671 >10¹² Ωcm
Cold bend ASTM D 2671 -40°C, 4 hours no cracking in outer jacket
Water absorption of adhesive ISO 62 ≤0.2%
Softening point of adhesive ASTM E 28 85±5°C
Peel strength (PE) of adhesive ASTM D 2671 4N/cm


Item no.¹ Type Inner
diameter min.(D)
as supplied mm
diameter max. (d)
recovered mm
Wall thickness
min. (w)
recovered mm
Length (L)
187019 EHSR 19/3.2-1000 19.0 3.20 3.20 1000
187033 EHSR 33/5.5-1000 33.0 5.50 3.40 1000
187044 EHSR 44/7.4-1000 44.4 7.40 3.60 1000
187045 EHSR 50.8/8.3-1000 50.8 8.30 4.70 1000
187070 EHSR 69.8/11.7-1000 69.8 11.70 4.70 1000
187089 EHSR 89/17.1-1000 88.9 17.10 4.70 1000
187119 EHSR 119/22.9-1000 119.4 22.90 4.70 1000
187235 EHSR 235/40-1000 235.0 40.00 4.70 1000
1 additional lengths and dimensions on request
w Wall thickness min. recovered
d Inner diameter max. recovered
D Inner diameter min. as supplied
L Overall length as supplied

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